Techgrumps 39: Tantek is not a messenger from god

On this barcamp filled special version of Techgrumps, we have. The regulars, Ian Forrester and Tom Morris alongside guests Kevin Prince and Iris Todorovic.

  • Have some eurocrem
  • Nic backs out of a fight
  • Aaron steals Jstore
  • Where do you get your ethics from?
  • First rule of this club, never admit you did it
  • Nic was right, lets just do it
  • Iris isn’t quite so sure
  • Social dis-abidance on a mass scale
  • All geeks love roller coasters
  • Tom proposes a different way to record and share notes at a conference
  • The dream is alive…. App store for the Kindle
  • Smooth Segway from self documentation to sharing in barcamp
  • Remember MindCampLondon
  • Another super smooth segway by Tom Morris
  • There hasn’t been a BarCamp in San Francisco since 2007
  • Tantek is not a messenger from god
  • BarCampBank is for bankers
  • All wiki’s should be mediawiki
  • We try and explain BarCamp to Iris
  • Tom calls out SEO evilness and alternative electronic grid systems for barcamp
  • SEX EXSLT XSL whats not to like?
  • If you **ck up I’ll killing you…
  • Iris finds the girl geeks in residents and blows the lid off the can of worms
  • Ian wishes Samantha was on the show
  • Tom suggests the can of worms is like the religious debate over holly lands
  • Please don’t DDOS
  • BBC & Geek super special next Sunday
  • The state of amateur podcasting in the UK
  • Tom admits to moonlighting
  • Iris has a life and gets blacklisted forever more
Remember if you want to be on the show, just follow the hashtag #techgrumps or leave a comment

Mpeg3 version | Ogg Vorbis version

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