Techgrumps 29: Cheryl Cole’s Lisp is Common

Techgrumps is back with Ian Forrester, Nic Ferrier, David Eastman, Tom Morris and Abizer Nasir (special guest).

  • AV why didn’t you vote you b*******s
  • Victory of the people
  • The effect of advertising on the British public
  • The phonebook idea
  • Media power at fault?
  • Its just not british
  • Welcome to the echo the chamber
  • Bmp over Png?
  • The view from the ivory tower
  • My eyes are now open
  • All the things you should not talk about with people you just met
  • Open the information
  • Time for a wrap
  • The developers experience
  • Its madness…
  • A bit of hand holding goes a long way
  • Functional programming has failed
  • I like skiing too?
  • Famous languages and magical coverings
  • Back to LaTaX
  • The car academy?
  • No ones listening…
  • Maznu i’m after you…
  • Gaming me, gaming you…
  • I did not laugh at Ian’s style
  • I just play with myself
  • I’d rather go down the pub, with men
  • My moral compass is being replaced with a latex suit
  • L’Ron Hubbard ‘s guide to pickup
  • Geeks talk god?
  • Ladies, its good to know your enemy
  • Get your Chocolate coated bacon ninjas
  • Sealed with a cold wet kiss
  • You made Ian laugh, your work is done for the day

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2 thoughts on “Techgrumps 29: Cheryl Cole’s Lisp is Common

  1. […] its worth listening to this Techgrumps #29 where in the last 3rd, I discuss the Geeks talk sexy workshop and some of the insights and feedback […]

  2. […] I said on the techgrumps podcast, I’m taking a anthropological view on it all. Its like being Louis theroux I imagine. Never […]

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